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Our Approach

Ujala Life is focused on creating a comprehensive early intervention treatment program for children and their families. 

The progress from diagnosis to treatment in the world of autism can be difficult to navigate with limited resources. Ujala Life would like to be a part of your family in helping bridge the gap in care. The Ujala team is equipped to be at every touch point of your child’s life. Our differentiated care model involves close communication between our team members, families, schools and pediatricians. 

Step 1: Intake

We work with your child’s physician to understand the nature of their diagnosis, and determine if the Ujala team is capable of providing treatment. We carefully consider your child’s medical history and other conditions which may have an impact on the behavioral health plan.  

Step 2: Assessment

We perform an assessment of your child’s verbal, life-skills and behavioral capabilities to place them in the correct cohort and determine their care-plan 

Step 3: Assignment and Care-Plan

Based on the results of the assessment, we will assign your child to a room with specialized staff and similar peers, and develop a care-plan specially tailored to their needs. 

Step 4: Parent Involvement

Our care-plans include parent training, which will involve parents working with our BCBAs at a minimum of once a month. We also conduct regular parent meetings and provide progress reports. Guided social support groups with other parents of ASD children are also facilitated at our center 

Step 5: Play Groups

We recognize that play skills and fun are crucial alongside traditional therapy. We facilitate guided play sessions with neurotypical volunteers and siblings of ASD clients for holistic developmental experience.